Ham radio stuff


Here I collect ham radio related stuff/posts


CW means “Continuous Wave” and is an abbreviation for sending Morse code on a frequency.

Since it is a textonly communication it is similar to chatting on the internet but with some more common abbreviations .

I built a small cw training tool which one can use or adjust to learn morse code with the same tool on a mobile phone and on a desktop computer. It is open source.

CW Skimmer

Ein CW Skimmer ist ein automatischer CW Dekoder der ganze Bandbereiche dekodiert und sichtbar macht. Hier z.b. mal DQ8Z in Neustadt/Hessen.

Maidenhead locator

This is a very typical locator amateur radio operators use to exchange locations. It is based on a grid overlay of the earth. I played around with them a little bit and pushed some simple conversion code to github.